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BULK LOADING images onto the whiteboard PLEASE

I make large custom VideoScribes.  I waste hours and hours and hours loading the dang SVGs one by one.  If I could sequentially number all my svgs, upload them in a zip, and they all load onto the timeline/whiteboard in that sequential order, that would be SO HELPFUL.    

Please, please, please do this. 

Thank you, Richard

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This would be very useful, even if they all appeared stacked on top of each other and we had to spread them out.

Agree, Mike.  I often have over 200 svgs to load per episode. I let them all stack and sit there, rather be poking my eye out, loading them one, by one, by one.   It doesn't matter that they are all stacked because I just select the element in the timeline and hit arrow key to "knock" it out of the pile and move it where it needs to be after everything is loaded.    It easily takes me hours to load them one at a time.   It seems like a simple functionality for the hours of time it would save. 

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