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Videoscribe and Final Cut Pro

Does anybody know to import a finished videoscribe into final cut pro for further editing? Whenever I do it all i get is a black screen but my scribe does not show at all in Final cut pro, but the audio does work fine. I tested this in imovie also and it works fine, but i really need to edit my scribe in final cut pro, if anybody has any idea?


If the file format that you tried did not work, Publish your movie in a different format, and then import that into final cut Pro. For example, publish to and download your video as an mp4, then import it into final cut pro.

Also, check the import requirements for your version of final cut pro, and make sure things like video dimensions, frame rate and file type are appropriate before trying to import.

If you need more specific suggestions, please provide more specific information about your problem.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

I’ve come home and it’s randomly decided to work today! I haven’t done anything different but it works now for whatever reason. Thanks for taking the time to respond though. Regards Luke

 That's good news. Thank you for posting your results.

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