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Can't save files locally or export videos

I am having problems with my Videoscribe, which I recently got a subscription for. I can't save locally or export as a video. When clicking those things nothing happens at all. It is as if those buttons are not even working... Anyone knows what might be the problem? I have attached a short videoclip showing the issue...

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See if the most recent replies in the following thread have an answer to your problem:

-Mike (videoscribe user)

That seems to be it... I have a Macbook with Big Sur. Luckily I have a Windows laptop as well, and it looks like it's working fine there.

 Thank you for posting your results.  Hopefully they will have a full solution soon. (If you have not already installed the most recent version of videoscribe on your Mac, that might help).


Mike (videoscribe user)

I have upgraded to the latest release 3.7.3622 for Mac, using Big Sur, and the big bug that it's supposed to fix is still present.

After clicking the  Download/Share Videoscribe button on the top right menu, then clicking the download button in the popup to download to the computer, nothing happens. 

I realize I can publish to and Vimeo, but wanted to let you guys know that Download does not seem to work even in 3.7.3622

And the other big bug that 3.7.3622 was supposed to fix is also still present in Big Sur. When attempting to save the file locally, clicking "select file location" does nothing. If there's something I'm missing, please let me know. 

Hey there Bob, if there is something specific happening for you that you would like us to take a closer look at please raise a ticket via

 Hey, I had the same issue with 3.7.3622, and I am not using Big Sur.

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