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is there a way to prevent VS from zooming right in when creating/rendering a video?

 Every video so far has artefacts and I think it's because the screen zooms in to the point where that triangle warning thing shows up. my videos are made between 85% to 100%


59.8 KB

 To add, no artefacts when rendered on online servers so i assume the zoom only happens client side


I don't see any artifacts in your screenshot. I also can't see any indication of the zoom levels you mentioned.

Perhaps you can provide a screenshot of a video being played to show the artifacts. Also please attach a .scribe file and if you want to be really thorough, attach a finished video showing the problem.

Based on previous threads describing similar symptoms, one possibility is that you have a codec installed on your computer that is causing only certain file types to play poorly in whatever video play you are using.

(online rendering would would use the same zoom levels as local rendering when rendering the same project file. if you are getting the triangle warning, that is still an issue but its probably an unrelated topic that we can deal with separately. Again, be sure to attach a .scribe file if you want help with that. Also you can watch the tutorials that deal with adjusting and setting the zoom level for each element)

-Mike (videoscribe user)

 Here are some other thread discussing zoom settings (However, as I mentioned, I think the zoom settings may be unrelated to the artifacts you described).

 Hi Mike. Thanks for responding,

ill try to explain as best as possible.

Before looking at the image, imagine your screen when its rendering an AVI file.

Now looking at the image you can see the preview box which looks very normal but behind that you can see quite a large hand, if you continue looking at the bottom right, you'll see a red and yellow triangle because its zoomed in to 4%, you can even see the 4%.  This is all done without my input.

I didnt intend in showing the artefact as nothing can be diagnosed by an artefact (I believe), I reckon the cause is the zooming in to 4% which is shown in the image. That is what I'm querying more than the artefact.

The links provided are for zooming while creating your scribe, that's not the issue, its when I tell it to render an avi , that's when it zooms in as shown in the picture.

Also, I'm quite IT literate, i can assure you my codecs are all fine so that's not an issue. As I said before, it doesn't happen when rendered online, so I'm assuming this zooming issue doesn't happen when rendered on VS servers.

Does that explain it any better?


 My mistake. I definitely do see the 4% in the lower right corner.

I cannot guess the cause of the problem based on your description.

Please export a .scribe file and attach it here as a start to the troubleshooting process.


Mike (Videoscribe user)

Hopefully you have found a resolution to your problem.

If not, here are some examples of different artifacts that have different causes and solutions:

1) low opacity rectangle around text elements:

2) reveal strokes are revealing more than expected:

3) stuttering or distortion in MOV video playback:

4) animated gif background color does not match canvas color:

5) unexpected lines or artifacts appearing in animated gif:

6) imported images files are blurry or pixelated:

7) large images become blurry or fuzzy:

If the problem persists, providing a screenshot of the artifact may help us narrow down the cause.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

 HI Mike, sorry, busy day.

Here is the artefact.

Can you tel me, when you render a video, does your scribe zoom in like mine? i noticed its zoomed in but at 4% it should be zoomed way out!

 Thanks for the links, i dont they cover my situation though. I use MPC for playback mostly but the artefact is present no matter what is used but it doesnt happen when rendered online. 

 Oh wow, that's a good clear one too. Thank you for attaching the screenshot. I don't think I have seen that particular type of visual glitch in the approximately 7 years that I have been using the program.

I tested one of my projects and and the zoom percentage during local rendering (95%) was identical to the zoom percentage in editing mode (95%).  I did not find any other threads reporting zoom problems creating visual artifacts or zoom percentage in rendering being different from editing mode.

If you would like to attach your scribe, I will do a test render to see if I can reproduce your symptoms and possibly glean some additional information.

Does the glitch appear when a hand moves over that area?

Did you use a whiteout-object to cover another element there?

are multiple images going to be drawn in the same location there?

Does the problem still occur if you remove the vignette border?

-Mike (videoscribe user)

 Yeah its quit bad isnt it!

Does the glitch appear when a hand moves over that area?
No, it during transition, no hand in place.

Did you use a whiteout-object to cover another element there?
No ive not used that featur yet.

are multiple images going to be drawn in the same location there?
No, just one.

Does the problem still occur if you remove the vignette border?
Ive not tried without, but it has happened in 2 seperate videos ive created.

Ill attach in a bit.

 Here you go Mike.

Im off to bed so ill respond tomorrow.

Thank you for your help.


Hi, Thanks for the file.

It appears that the word "vitamins" from your first screenshot, does not appear in this particular project, so I cannot confirm or reproduce the symptom of the 4% zoom indicated in that screenshot.

It appears, based on your second screenshot, that the red artifacts appear during the transition immediately before "Daily Requirements" is written. When I rendered an MOV at 25 FPS and 640 video size, there was no visible artifact in the resulting video.

Is it possible for you to attach your video showing the problem,  or provide a link to the your video which contains the problem? I would like to determine if the symptom you are seeing is visible in another video player on another computer.

Mike (Videoscribe user)

Here is a reddit thread with a problem that may be similar:

It does not give a solution, however it suggests that the glitch is only present when viewed in certain media players and not when the file is opened in video editing software. (suggesting that for the person in that thread, their issue is a playback issue, possibly caused by insufficient keyframing, or high frame rate overwhelming the gpu or some other type of playback issue.

possibly rendering a different video format or frame rate would produce a glitch-free result.

Also here is an old thread on another site discussing video artifacts that appear or disappear depending on video player settings:

Without access to more information and/or the video file, my best guess is that videoscribe is producing a file which plays back with some errors depending on your video player and settings. You might consider trying a different file type or frame rate, or adjusting your video player settings.

And I'll still be happy to look at your video to see if I get different playback results, if that would be helpful. If I see the same glitches, that would indicate that they might actually be hardcoded into the video which would be an important discovery in this troubleshooting process.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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