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Kerning controls

While you have improved fonts, I still have spacing problems with some words. We really need a way to adjust the spacing ourselves. See how the "a" and "y" need less space between them.


I definitely see what you mean. It looks like "T oda y".

What happens if you select different fonts? Perhaps the automatic kerning works better in some other fonts.

I haven't switched to the newest Videoscribe yet, but I'm interested to read if anyone has a solution for this issue.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

There was a noticeable extra space on all the fonts I tried. I guess my main concern is that this font is ARIAL. One of the most common fonts on the planet!  If you can't get the kerning right on that font, I can't imagine it being better on more unusual fonts.

Kerning has been fixed in version 3.6 with the addition of Google Fonts-

You can view the 3.6 release notes here

 I may be mistaken, but I think Deborah is saying that she is seeing the above mentioned problem in version 3.6.

Deborah, can you please check which version of videoscribe you are using and post that information to this thread?

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thanks!  I actually did not have the latest version.  I do not see an alert that a new version exists when I run the software. Perhaps that is something to add in the future.

Hey Deborah, we have been sending emails to inform our customers of updates lately as some Mac customers cannot upgrade and we can target better over email. We sent you an email about new images and the update in the 18th March. We're waiting until Big Sur is fully supported before pushing out in app messages to the whole network.

If you upgrade via and new text you add will have the kerning fixed.

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