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Downloaded file, can't find it


I downloaded my video and I can't find it. I tried it twice. I saved it in an folder but it's empty. What can I do?

1) you may want to raise a support ticket so Sparkol will see it first thing Monday when they arrive at work.

2) You could try making a new project containing just one element, and try to publish the video to the same folder, and see if it appears there. if the new video saves successfully, then maybe there is a problem with the older project that needs to be addressed.

3) If neither video saves correctly to that folder, try publishing a video to your desktop, and see if the new video appears there. Maybe you have more than one folder with the same name and you are looking in the wrong place.

4) use a file search to search your whole hard drive for the missing video file.

-Mike (videoscrieb user)

You'll also want to make sure your computer has the proper permissions enabled to allow the video to download.

Follow the steps in this instant answer (disregard that the article is for a different issue)

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