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Pregnancy and childbirth

Our New Zealand Trust has been online for 21 years. I've been wanting to create white board explainer videos for the past 10 AND there are ZERO assets for pregnancy and birth (a tiny, poor choice in Doodly) which remains shocking since it's so common and such a BIG topic online. 

Our Trust will work with your team to develop simple pregnancy and birth assets. We have 50 years of experience and you actually have a wonderful set of simple drawings that would be great. 

Our webmaster sent me this URL but these are vectors (although they have a "raster file .jpg' but Videoscribe doesn't have draw paths available. 

Honestly, this is a HUGE need and I'm more than happy to be contacted at and help your designers! 

If you have image requests, add in your ideas to this forum 'What Images would you like to see?'

Didn't I do that by adding a 'request'? VideoScribe has some very simple stick figures that could easily be used to make heaps of pregnancy, family, birth, newborns. I can't draw worth a damn but I can help your team create a bunch. I've been in this field for 50 years and our New Zealand registered not-for-profit is desperate to start making explainer videos and we need the assets. 

What are you asking me to do? I clicked on that link and it just takes me to a page of a number of requests dating from 2016. 

(Correct, there is an existing thread specifically for all image requests (at Hayley's link above), and it is permanently pinned to the top of this forum section. For the sake of organization, I believe Sparkol prefers to have all image requests posted in that thread instead of starting additional image request threads.

Possibly an administrator can merge this thread into the main thread. If the thread is merged, please feel free to delete my reply to prevent confusion.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hey there Winter, 

Mike's (always) right, having all the requests in one place makes them easier to manage. It also stimulates conversation as previous contributors get notified of any new comments and can show support for a new idea. We can then easily update people who are interested in new images when new ones are added.

With regards your request, consider it logged regardless of adding it to the other thread. It was actually on our ideas board already as we're aware it's a gap but I have added your specific comments to the idea.

This old woman is still not certain how to get back to this thread but I'll keep Barry's email and hope I end up here. I'm making a list of images and will post them here. There are two distinct aspects of pregnancy and birth from a marketing perspective: things and information. That means illustrations can be either and usually but sometimes not both. 

However, our Trust has online skills-based courses and for years I've wanted to reduce our written materials (and if I get good enough some of our video skills) into white-boarding. In other words, there's this third component ... skills around pregnancy and using those skills during births.

These are specialty illustrations (we don't have the money) much like your stick figure yoga ones. BTW ... those stick figures would be the easiest to use for all of the above! I'm not joking. 100% of pregnant women will give birth one way or another, or are looking for things or information. What Doodly has done is try to make culturally, racially sensitive images (good) however, that takes MUCH more work. Stick figures will some different hair and a hijab now and again would work as well. Only the women need different hairstyles

Honestly, I'd work with your team if that would help. 

BTW ... our Trust is more than happy to gift anyone at Sparkol who is pregnant with complimentary access to one of our birthing class (we have 12) ... skills were developed by hundreds of fathers and mothers and used in all births for the past 50 years and 21 since we'd had a resource (originally VHS, book, and cassette) 

What I don't quite understand about making whiteboards (because I have Aphantasia ... a learning challenge ... a lack of Mind's Eye) is when to try to find an image that's 'exact' or use one that's  'representative' of something (and the voice-over clarifies the specifics). 

I know this is going to sound weird. Our webmaster found a free vector site

I asked support if those can be used to create 'draw paths' in Doodly and apparently they can. It's going to take me about 2 months to really sort out how to create effective white-boarding SO if I come up with a list and different hair goes on stick figures and your design team can whip out about 50-100? then I'd use only them for consistency throughout. 

I'll get you the list soon. It's pregnant women, fathers-to-be, professionals, birth, newborn. 

thanks ... Wintergreen (a strange name for sure)

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