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on 14 dayt rial

I have a source file from Fiverr, can I download it once I purchase the first month?

That depends what you mean by "source file". Videoscribe can import an entire project if the file is a .scribe file. Videoscribe can also import images such as .svg .png .jpg and .gif files

Assuming you have one of those file types, and it is formatted appropriately, you can can import it into videoscribe whether you have a 7 day free trial or a paid subscription.

Hope that helps,

Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks for the response. The reason I'm asking is I had someone on Fiverr make me a whiteboard video using VIDEOSCIBE & now I have the source file. And i would like to use video scribe by uploading the source file,on videoscribe so i can make a few changes. Can that be done?

You can select 'Open' within VideoScribe and open the .scribe file. 

(Mark, the term "source file" is very vague and leaves a lot of room for confusion. What file extension is on the file's name? If you have a .scribe file, you can open it as Hayley described. if you only have a video (such as a .mp4, .mov, or .avi file, that is not a source file, and you cannot open or edit a video in videoscribe.)

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