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I'm having problems with gif when I put it, I certify that the background is white #fffff and still it is with another background and with some interferences below the figure when it is time to play

 I can't figure out what the problem is, based on the image you provided. Is the fox image the gif? Is the problem the line at the fox's feet?

The most common solution for GIF problems is that your GIF should have a white background in every frame with no transparancy if you want it to work in videoscribe.

Otherwise, please describe your problem in more detail.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


When I reproduce the gif some black interferences appers as shown on the fox's feet, it's happens with all gifs that I used and the thins lines blik while I play the whole movie.

I used canva app to get the gif, it's says that the background is already white whith color #fffff, but I still can see  the background. on VideoScribe with other collor. 

You can attach the GIF here, and maybe someone can take a look at it. You can also raise a ticket to contact customer support, but they will probably want to see the GIF too.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Here one example 

 That's an mp4 file. Please attach the GIF.

sorry, I  misunderstood, that's one of the gifs that I tried to use 

 Hi. You are correct . The problem is with that GIF file Also the file size is quite large. I cropped off some of the white background and reduced the image size so the file size would be smaller. See if this works better.

How did You do it? 

Could you please explain me? 

Thanks, worked perfectly  

The quality of your gif was also much higher, how did you do it?


I opened the GIF in photoshop version CS5 and cropped away some of the extra white background on all four sides. Then I scaled the remaining image down to a size of about 400 pixels wide. After that, I used the "Save for Web" feature to resave the GIF with a new file name. I experimented with the various save settings until I found one that gave me a smaller file size and  good color quality.

If you don't have photoshop, I believe that you can make similar changes using GIMP which is free at or PAINT which is free at

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thank you so much. 

I managed to reproduce it in the others GIFs, but could you explain to me how your GIF was completely colored? Mine have a slight transparency so when I put it on VideoScribe with other elements it doesn't stay on the first layer. I put one example on the print 

I'm using Photoshop CS4

 Your element properties for the rabbit GIF is set to MULTIPLY in videoscribe which hides the white background in the GIF, but also causes it to multiply any colors that overlap.

The NORMAL setting will make it 100% opaque but will also  make the GIF's white background visible.

The easiest way to avoid the multiplied overlapping colors shown in your screenshot is probably to not overlap the GIF with any other elements on your canvas.

Another option is to edit the GIF to include that grass image in the GIF instead of keeping them as two separate elements, However that option may be beyond the ability of casual photoshop users.


-Mike(videoscribe user)

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