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Zoom at End is not working?

Dear videoscribe team

I am really struggling with the final zoom. I usually create multiple scenes and they work fine. But when I rearrange the final zoom, then all the individual scenes get distorted and it takes considerable amount of time and effort to fix every thing again. Please help, thank you

Each image that you import is assigned a camera position. You can also position the camera yourself and save the new camera position for the currently selected image by clicking the "set camera" icon near the lower right corner of the screen.

if you zoom out to view all of the images together, and you rearrange  images without manually assigning corresponding new camera positions for them, then the camera will still go its original set locations for each image. Those old locations may now be empty or have different images moved into them.

In other words, any time you move an image, you should position the camera where you want it to be for that image and then click the "set camera" icon.

There are tutorials in the Instant Answers forum if you need more specific instructions.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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