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how do i trace a signature first without its background! URGENT

Hi.  I am trying to paint 'CORI (only black color) ' in video scribe first and then its background (coloured). but the problem is that if i trace it with a path, the stoke width doesnt change and some of the background color is also drawn along with cori which looks bad.

is there any way i can separately draw cori (all black) in videoscribe  first and then its background color? 

I'm working on an assignment and its due today. I would really appreciate an urgent reply . Thanks :)



Assuming the logo is in vector format in Illustrator:

1) In Illustrator, make a duplicate of the group containing the logo. Name the duplicate group "Cori1group" Name the original group "Cori2group" These two groups should be the only two groups in your Illustrator file .

2) In the Cori1 group, change everything except the word "Cori" to white.

3) Add your transparent stroke to the Cori1group to re veal the Cori lettering, then  temporarily delete the cori2group. Save the remaining cori1group with the transparent stroke as an SVG named cori1.svg. Then undo the deletion of cori2group.

4) Next, delete cori1group  and save the remaining group to an SVG named cori2.svg

5) Hopefully you now have two SVGs that are the same height and width. (They must have the same height and width to align properly for the next steps

6) Import cori1.svg into your project, then immediately import cori2.svg into your project without moving the camera or changing anything between the two imports. If you move or scale the two SVGs, you should select them both together and do them both at the same time, so they remain aligned.

(if they are not aligned for some reason, you will need to provide more information so we can determine what needs to be fixed.)

7) when you preview the animation, the CORI should draw first and then the rest of the image should be  drawn or appear afterwards, depending on what animation options you choose.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

hi. thanks mike. here are 2 images i created without changing their dimensions but when i import them in video scribe their dimensions differ. please help.


This is how Videoscribe sees the two images as different sizes:


(also the transparent strokes that you add to the SVGs may affect the way videoscribe interprets the image sizes.)

To solve the problem, add a transparent ellipse (it should be filled but it should not be stroked) to your illustrator file that is large enough to cover all of the other art. Then when you export your individual SVGs, make sure you export the transparent ellipse with each one.image

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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