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Video Scribe not responding when exporting

Have just downloaded the new version of VideoScribe, created a video scribe  gone to export it, when choosing the download location it comes up with a white blank box and it's now frozen and I can not do anything with it.

Does anyone have any ideas?


You could try closing all other programs that are running, try pressing the ESC key to see if you can close the blank white box, or look for an X in the upper right corner of the box that might close it.

However, if its crashed, there probably isn't anything to do but force it to quit. Hopefully you saved your work. If you get back to the main projects menu, you can right-click your saved project and save a copy online, then raise a ticket to ask customer support for help, or export it as a.scribe and attach it here if you want help from other users.


Mike (videoscribe user)

I have the same problem ????

I have restarted many times....and nothing .... HELP

 did you see the part where I suggested saving your project online and raising a support ticket?

Or export it as a .scribe and attach it here....?

Have raised a support ticket they say that it’s not compatible with Mac OS Big Sur

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