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Can one change the default settings to a set standard for font, colour, and other items. This would make them personalised?

OK for every new screen / scene the default settings are: hand drawn, black text and the same font. I did do a couple of scenes Hand Drawn and this really does not suit my needs. 

Therefore I have set a standard criteria for drawing style, font, colour and background  as I need my videos to be a series and  following a standard format.  I hope you can imagine doing the mechanical adjustments for every scene when I could be working of 12 to 16 scenes or more per video for 5 or 6 videos becomes laborious, considering I am  changing three to four of the settings. In my example I would change to Fade, Blue Text and the Font and then adjust the timing although this probably has to be done anyway. 

In the settings could it be possible to set every scene to the following standard personal default for the following?

• Style

• Text Colour

• Font

• Timing

• Background


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