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Unable To Retrieve Saved Local Scribes In Windows

I have recently saved my scribes as local scribes but now i am unable to found it while opening my account. Please help how i can retrieve them. I already opened the ticket.

Any suggestion are welcome.

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Here is some information about locally saved scribes that may answer your question.

1) Locally saved scribes are scribes that have been manually saved to the default location within videoscribe or to a new directory that you have created within videoscribe.

2) Publishing a video does not automatically save your scribe.

3) Videos cannot be opened and edited within videoscribe.

4) locally saved scribes are designed to be be found and opened only from within videoscribe.

5) locally saved scribes will appear in the main directory of videoscribe only on the same computer on which they were saved.They do not follow you to another computer if you login to another computer with your account. (However, scribes saved to the cloud can be accessed from multiple computers.)

6) If the videoscribedesktop folder and its contents are deleted, your locally saved scribes are also deleted.

Customer support may be able to provide more specific help.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Where should i will found default saved scribe folder location in window?

See the support article Saved Scribes are Missing


I am unbale to open my videoscribe file. The file is saved locally

kindly help me


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