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Poor positioning

I tried this program and found that trying to move blocks in a flow chart is annoyingly frustrating, they won't snap to where you want them and still retain their original size.  Apparently there is no telephone help for this program, you keep sending me e-mails,  but one can respond to none of them, so tried reading through a few thousands similar complaints dating back to 2014, and still no answers.  In 7 years you can't fix this?  And you want me to PAY for this?  I can whip the same thing together in MicroSoft Word in half the time it takes to work with your program?  Anyone else frustrated?  HOw do you move an object and keep it proportional and aligned with others on the same page?

Resize the element to the size you wish 

Copy the element and paste it so you have two elements of the same size

Drag and drop them to the position you want. See the support article, Align elements on the canvas. 

You can get in touch with the support team by raising a ticket

Thanks for the suggestion.  I did do that previously but when I place it where I want it, it pulls to another object or changes the size on its own, and lines with arrows associated with it also disappear.  It's like trying to line up magnets and some invisible force moves them away or draws it too close to another.  I looked for something to turn off the grid but no luck.  Raising a ticket doesn't help, you never know when you will hear back and the project needed to be done, not lose several days trying to get a simple question answered.  Used Word  to get the project done.  I'm sure it works fine for some people, but for us, we needed some quick flow charts and this program with its lack of any real-time support, didn't help us, it impeded us. But I thank you for your suggestion- much appreciated.

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