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Monetizing a video on Youtube. I only use the free trial. Video will be made by someone else.


I am a teacher and have a channel with learning content and I would like to use Videoscribe for some vocabulary learning videos. I will be paying someone on to make Videoscribe videos for my Youtube channel.  This person says he has a bought Videoscribe license so he doesn't have a watermark. I cannot however prove that myself because he is not physically present at my location. He will make the video for me, I will pay it and I will post it on my channel. My Youtube channel is still small but I would like eventually to monetize it if I have enough subscribers and make money with the views and ads.

Is benefiting from this video in a commercial way (monetizing it and using it as content marketing  for my classes in Youtube) allowed? Do I need to purchase anything myself? I only tried the trial free version of Videoscribe but I didn't buy anything or get a subscription because I do not have time to make these videos myself, so I prefer to pay someone.

Is using Videoscribe icons and images also allowed for this purpose? Can I add my logo in some parts of the video or that is not allowed?

Thank you very much,

See the support article - Make Money from Scribes for full details on what you can and cannot do with your scribes. 

If you need more specific support, raise a ticket with the support team.

Hello Hayley,

Thank you for your answer. I see that I am allowed with the trial version to upload on Youtube and to monetize, and this is allowed also when the trial period ends. The videos in this case would have a watermark. However, I am not gonna make the videos my self with my free trial license.

 I am going to pay someone who (as  he says) owns a Videoscribe license (bought). The videos won't be watermarked and I imagine therefore the Videoscribe logo is not on them. In this case, since I pay this person in exchange of a video, can I upload them in my channel and make money through Ad sense with these videos? I don't see explicit information about "bought videos" in the link you sent.

On the other side, can we modify and customize the Videoscribe icons and images for said video? Can we add my business logo in some parts of the video too? 

Best Regards,

 According to the information at the link Hayley provided, it appears that the full licensing permissions are transferred to the buyer when any paid user sells a video, but as Hayley suggested, raise a ticket if you need further clarification.

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