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Hello, How can I enlarge a text (10 words) so that it fills the whole screen? Currently a lot of white space appears above and below the text. Thank you

Enlarging text is the same as enlarging images. Drag and drop the text to make it bigger. Be sure to set the camera so the text takes up the whole scene.

You could also create the text in separate text boxes to enlarge them separately 

Like Hayley said, you might want to break the words into several elements so you can stack them and size the elements individual to fit the space.

 I don't think videoscribe allows you to scale the height of a text element  independently of the width, if that's what you are asking.

If you want to stretch a block of text out of its default proportions, you could make a text SVG in a vector program and import it into videoscribe. If you just want the text to instantly appera, move-in or fade-in, you just make a text SVG win which the text has been converted to outlines. However, if you want the text SVG to be drawn by a hand, and if you aren't already familiar with making SVGs that work well in videoscribe, you will probably need to read some tutorials and experiment until you get the hang of it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thank you Hayley and Mike. I consider that it is a serious fault of Videoscribe that the text cannot be enlarged from top to bottom (vertical) Instantly.  With images it can be done but not with text. I think that in future versions this is very important. To make large (vertical) text  I would need to make several separate sentences.

Thank you for the help.

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