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How to make 1 element in a scene stay put whilst others move out/morph out and new elemts are added to a second scene?

 Hi All - total newbie here. Liking the software so for (free trial) and am considering purchase.

I'm working on an infomational video. Doing a very rough practice of a few scenes, so a fledgling project at the moment.

I've attached a screenshot of my issue.

There are two musical instruments in one scene, with red circles in a particular place.

I want both red circles to vanish (either by being 'drawn' invisible or erased), and the instrument on the left to move out off-screen.

I then want the instrument on the right to stay put, so in the next scene I can "move in" a different image on the left of the canvas then add some text/other smaller PNG files.

How do I keep that one element fixed? I don't want it to vanish and then reappear in the next scene.

I can't seem to find a how-to page for this so any help would be appreciated!


To cover the red circles or any other element, make a new element that is the same color as the background color, and large enough to cover only the image that you want to hide. Position it over the element that you want to hide/erase. You can use either "draw" or"fade-in" to animate the "eraser object". Using fade-in with an element that is the same color as the background will make the red circle seem to fade away.
Consult the instant answers page or the pinned tutorial thread:

(Making SVG Images Draw Well (2017 update) in this forum if you need help making an SVG.

You can use the same type of fade-in element to make the musical instrument disappear, or you can use morph to move the instrument to a copy of itself off-canvas. Consult the Instant Answers page if do not know how to use morph. Morph may only work on SVG images and not jpg or pngs if I recall correctly.

-MIke (videoscribe user)

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