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I am trying to purchase videoscribe yearly but they will not accept my card.

I am located in the USA and originally  my bank blocked the foreign transaction last night because it was foreign. Today that problems was fixed when I talked to my bank and authorized the transaction.

Now the card is being blocked my Sparkol and the charge is not even attempting on my bank visa card as the bank has told me.

Please fix this and reach out to me once it is completed

that is my registered email address and I am trying to purchase the yearly plan

Contact the Sparkol sales team for purchasing support-

Hi there!

I had that problem too. First I tried from my account but it would not work. Then I tried from the ''try to fix the problem'' email from Sparkol support both with PayPal and my bank card and it did not work. Finally I managed to complete my purchase from another email prompting me to subscribe before my week's trial was up. Now since there were 3 payment attempts before I succeeded I sincerely hope I did not get charged 4 times! But for now, the main thing is that I got it at last and won't loose my trial scribes as I am still working out how to save them on my computer and still be able to open them there. 

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