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Creating images for videoscribe with the Illustrator App for iPad

I haven't created vectorgraphics before and I'm struggling to create drawings that draw well in Videoscribe. Tried Concepts but it couldn't handle the fills well. Now downloaded Illustrator for iPad as Iread in the forum that Illustrator is the best for videoscribe but still no success. I don't have illustrator on my desktop, only on my iPad, is it possible to create the right drawings only there?  Can you suggest a tutorial to understand how the strokes and paths work...? I Attached a photo, this draws in Videoscribe with a much thinner line and then gets filled in at certain places. What do I need to change to make it work, get it drawn with thicker lines and avoid it being filled...? 

You probably need to use different save options:

if you have any embedded raster images you can choose "embed" instead of "link".

Be sure to use "SAVE AS" to save your SVG. Do not use "export" or "save for web.

(I don't know if the illustrator APP has different options than the desktop version)

You can attach your SVG if you need more specific feedback. or raise a support ticket.

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(some of the images have become broken because Sparkol has changed the forum structure, but those images are probably re-added in more recent page.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thank you so much. There's only export option in Illustrator for iPad, no SAVE AS. A friend with desktop illustrator opened my file and he said it's not filled there. (no raster images embedded) Attaching it here, too. I'd be grateful if you could have a look. Do I need to get desktop illustrator and open every file and save differently there ....? This is a pretty urgent project and I'm getting very frustrated... Thanks!

The display problem will only occur in videoscribe , not when viewing the file in illustrator.  The SVG is not defective, it just contains code that videoscribe doesn't understand. I think it happens because the CSS properties option is set to "style elements" instead of "style attributes" or "presentation attributes" when saving.

As you already guessed, resaving the SVG with the correct settings in desktop illustrator is one way to correct the issue. I do not have the ipad app so I do not know if there is a corresponding option in the app. That's something you could look for.

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