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Custom hand drawing path


I'd like to suggest a new feature that allows for specification of a custom path for the hand to draw a certain image. This definitely comes in handy when trying to draw custom images. I think that this feature might actually be relatively easy to implement since it's a self contained feature that does not impact anything else in the software.

Hopefully the dev team can look into that :=)

Best Regards

Various threads and tutorials explain how to use inkscape or illustrator to add custom drawing paths to your SVGs.

Start with very simple drawings and test them in videoscribe until you understand the rules. Start by making only BASIC stroked paths (with no styles applied) in a single layer using the pen or pencil tool. videoscribe will draw them in the same order (from the bottom to the top of the layers list).

anything else that you add in your SVG may have different rules that affect the drawing order, or may not draw well:
stroked paths are drawn first, filled paths appear last.
if different colors overlap, the top color always shows
if you have layers nested within other layers, that changes the drawing order
related thread with more detailed explanations:Making SVG Images Draw Well (2017 update)

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hello Mike,

Okay, will check that idea out!

Thanks for the suggestion :=)

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