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The video paint the fill before end the stroke

I want that it paint the strokes and then the fill, but in a part of the draw it do it the opposite. I attach the file.

 The version of videoscribe I am using will not open that.scribe file. Can you please attach the SVG file instead?

(Best guess: Simplest solution is probably to put the reveal strokes for the color as the top layer of your SVG file, and don't use nested layers.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Sorry but I'm new using this program and I dont understand your simplest solution, here is the SVG file and a pic of the error.


I'm not sure, but it looooks like part of the problem is something called a transformation matrix applied to some of the groups. Possibly videoscribe doesn't understand that bit of code so it doesn't work as expected. I dragged the paths out of the group with the transformation matrix, and it seems to work better (see attached)

Other problems may be resolvable by using more uniform stroke sizes, or by redrawing some of the paths that look irregular,

Customer support might be able to provide additional feedback. You can raise a support ticket if they don't chime in.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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