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Scribe will not load with thumbnails or play

A scribe I saved last week will now not play.  It was fine last week but when I opened it today it 

1) shows on the scribe dashboard as it looked when I last finished

2) does not load the thumbnails in the bottom panel until I add another slide - then the full list loads

3) the thumbnail in front of the added one is blank - so thinking it may be corrupted I tried to remove this element.  This deletes but the window for "remove selected element" does not close.

4) the scribe will not play fro any point.

5) I can only close videoscribe after this through task manager.

It is a long scribe that was near completion and it is really frustrating.   Any help would be fantastic before I have to start again.....

I am on windows 10 Pro version 1909.

 It would probably be a good idea to save it online (from the main directory, I think you can right-click the preview image and save a copy online) and then raise a support ticket.

Because it is a larger project, there may be multiple simple issues to correct in order to resolve the problems you are experiencing.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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