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Please bring back the mouse scroll zoom-in/ zoom out!.. This new update in V3.6.1169 has caused us to much inconveniece!

Hello Aries, it' a bug in v3.6 of VideoScribe, the development team are aware of it and we're working to fix in for v3.7 hopefully.

Hi, Can we have a download link for older version?..  I really need that mouse scroll back. Thanks

Sure, I'll send it to you on your ticket as we do not publish older links on public forums because they will be dead links in the not too distance future.

Hi Barry, i too have the same aries´ problem, so i really need mouse scroll for zoom, can you send me a link for older version? Thansk.

My email:

You can download 3.5.2-18 at the bottom of the downloads page here-

Hi guys, yet i have problemas with my mouse scroll for zoom in/out, please i need really solve this problem!!!

Hi, Can I also have a download link for older version? The link above doesn't work to 3.5 version.

It is on the bottom of the download page under 'previous versions' in the above link 

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