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Inkscape to VideoScribe stopped working

I did a couple scribes creating the svg files in Inkscape.  Sometimes I used the redraw the image technique, sometimes I used the 0% opacity line technique and everything worked fine.

It seems like suddenly, things have changed, and when I create in Inkscape by drawing lines and then filling in, VideoScribe draws it use what can be be described as a really wide brush.

Did a little research and found in the VideoScribe forums the method of opening the svg in, resizing the canvas and then saving.  It's a bit cumbersome to have to do this for every image.

Installing Inkscape 1.01 update did not help.

Any thoughts on how to get around have to run every image through  thanks.

Do your older SVGs still work correctly?

Possibly the newer SVGs are not working because a setting or a saving option in inkscape needs to be corrected.

Quoted from the pinned SVG thread:

For Inkscape,
option 1
is to use the older version of inkscape (0.48.5 I believe) which is still on their downloads page at (for free) at the time of this post.
option 2: in another thread Matthew posted: "Inkscape 0.91 works fine, you just need to make sure that the units are set to pixels in the document properties. Changing this will avoid an issue where the hand reveals too much when drawing the outline stroke and intersecting lines and fill being visible when drawing the outline.  File -> Document Properties… (or Shift+Ctrl+D).  Under ‘Custom Size’ change the units to pixels (px) and make sure the default units are set to pixels." (I have not tested this option and I have not seen any user feedback on it yet)

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thanks Mike.  And especially for posting the answer instead of just a link.  I'll have to try the pixels settings.

Also discovered that edit the SVG in an editor (eg. Visual Studio Code) is not hard after it has been run through .  I imagine with a little time, it would easy enough to edit out all the inkscape overhead too.  For now, I'm off to the default.svg to test.

ps.  going back level is not a good option in my book.  As a technical consultant working with a variety of systems, I've seen too many issues.  Personal preference.

Tested  "option 2: in another thread Matthew posted" with Inkscape 1.0 and it worked.

Don't make the same mistake I made, I stopped at changing the "General" setting, make sure you go to the "Custom Size"

 Thanks for posting your results!

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