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Problem with download old version 3.5.2

Hi! I bought a new version of the program 3.6, but it does not have the ability to add system fonts. no Arial, Helvetica etc. And of course there are no corporate fonts for my working project. I saw in the FAQ a recommendation to download the previous version 3.5.2 from the link at the bottom of the download page. But this link eventually leads to the new version. please share the link to download the previous version and fix the ability to add system fonts in the next update. Thanks!

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An update from the VideoScribe team!

We’ve listened to your feedback and have now introduced the ability for you to upload your own fonts in addition to using a font from our library in our latest version, 3.10. You can download the latest version on our download page here.

Check out this article to Learn more about adding fonts!

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