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Export video but not found

I have a paid account and I can't find the video after I export it. The file does not appear anywhere.
Can you help me please.


 If you used any periods, tabs or underscores or other special characters in the file name, that might cause a problem. (publish it again with only alphanumeric characters in the file name.)

Otherwise  you should probably save your project to the cloud and raise a support ticket.

Or save it as a .scribe file and attach it here to ask the community for help.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

 Thanks Mike,

The name of the file is  or .avi. I trail to export in .ppt

I dont found the file on my Desktop. ..

I attache my file

 Thanks Mike,

I attache my file .scribe. I try to export in .mov .avi. or .ppt

I have always the same problem. The file don't exist.

Are you using the latest version of VideoScribe 3.6.1169? If not, please upgrade

Here is a rendered copy of your project:

Let me know when you downloaded it so I can remove the link. 

If the issue persists with other projects, please raise a ticket with the support team so they can further assist. 

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