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Very big Problem opening my Project

Hello, i created a VideoScribe Project and i have very very much work in it.

Now its broken and i know why:

I inserted in a TextBox a "|" Key and know Videoscribe Stucks loading at this part. 

What to do now have anybody a Idea ?

 On the projects screen, see if you can right click your project and save it to the cloud, then raise a ticket and ask customer support to look at it.

They work weekdays during UK business hours, so do it soon.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hello, thanks for your reply. Luckily I founded a Solution: I loaded the Project to that part pressed Control A then Control C and then Escape Don't Safe then create new Project Control V then go to the broken Project again and press Control A and then Control X. Then the rest should Load after multiple try. Then just control C close project go to the new project and control V now it should be working.

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