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It's impossible and exausting to upload, dowload

I'm trying to save my video and upload it. I've spent a whole amount of time waiting for it to dowload yesterday - around 4, 5 hours waiting and it couldn't be dowloaded!!!!! 

Today, I clicked on upload to vimeo, and waited almost 5 hours for it to be uploaded and it wasn't again. 

I also couldn't save the video!!!! All the time I've tryed to save, it didn't!

It was a lot of trouble making it, all the time the app was failing, stoped working - and only the app, the internet and diferent apps continued working!

Now, it has been frozen exactly in this canva for more than an hour!!! 


Please help me, I only need to save the video!!!!!!

There are a number of things that could cause behaviour like this but most commonly there is something in that way the project is made which is causing it to use more resources than it needs to and we have a couple of good help pages to take a look at. 

If you are not able to find the answer in those pages please log a support ticket, save your scribe online and include the project name in the ticket. One of the team can then download it and take a look for you.

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