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"Basic" font gone?

Does  the new version (Videoscribe 3.6.8), not support the basic font any longer? I can't seem to find it.

 I think when they revamped the font system the new system, they may have dropped the BASIC font.

If you open an old project that contains the BASIC font, and delete all the other elements and save it with a new name, you can continue to use that BASIC text element, and copy/paste it to add more BASIC text elements.

In fact you might be able to simply copy a BASIC text element out of an old project into a new project.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

That's right-the new text character format introduced in version 3.6 runs on the Google fonts system, which no longer supports the 'Basic' font. 

If you would like to use older fonts in 3.6 please see this support article- Historic fonts. As Mike said, you can copy and paste the Basic font from old projects. 

Yes, I've been doing that so far.

But the problem I now face is that I can't change the color of the text.

I have to use 2 computers, one with the new version and the other with the old version, just to do something that used to take 1 second.

Have not used Videoscribe for over a year but am really disappointed with the new fonts. This is a doodle software and so the fonts shouldn't look "perfect" but most of these do. To have a sharpie hand writing perfect type fonts is idiotic. The few hand-style fonts available are quite poor in my opinion and not suitable for business use.

Your old fonts were great. I've been recommending Videoscribe to many people but having just renewed my subs for another year - I'm not impressed. Definitely a reason to find better software now. 

Sorry to have to tell you this...

option 1) open an old project with the basic font and delete the other elements(except for the text element with the basic font). Then edit the text element to whatever text you want. copy and paste it to add more Basic text elements.

option 2) ... copy a BASIC font text element out of an old project into a new one...

option 3) .. if you like the BASIC font, just save a  scribe project containing nothing but one text element with the BASIC font... then you just need to open that scribe and start working (and save it with a new name for each new project you make.

option 4) find a google font you like and ask them to add it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thanks for the suggestions Mike.

Just seems like VS has lost its soul putting perfect type fonts in at the expense of nicely-legible script fonts!

 Yeah, I think they at least need to bring back BASIC one way or another...

I build all my text into my SGs but I know that's not a practical solution for most users.

Hey Chris, if there are any handwritten fonts available in Google that you do like you can add a request for that here.

Yes this is BS. I bought VS so I can use BASIC on all my videos. 

I love it and it works. The new font Londrina Solid just does not cut it and does not work for all my projects. I don't have past projects to pull BASIC from. 

Can I upload that font anywhere? 

Or can yo just bring it back so your customers are happy. I am really disappointed. 

We have all of the old fonts available via .scribe projects on our Historic Fonts support page (scroll to the bottom).  There are some changes in the next update that will help too.

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