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VideoScribe file error to load

I'm experiencing error in my VideoScribe file when I edit the previous one that I have saved. First, I already finished a file and then reopen it for some edits. Then in the middle of editing, the VideoSrcribe app was freezing and I couldn't do anything then decide to click close but no response (I thought it will shows the reminder dialogue to save the edited files). Then click save and still no response, click share and every button but no response until the app just suddenly closed without any dialogues. Then I try to reopen it again, but the file is just loaded until the last section I edited and the timeline of elements couldn't be appeared. I still can select the elements yet can't do more edits or add other elements. Now I'm trying if it's possible to conetely rendering the file to video. Is there any way to restore all the elements and timeline from the previous file? Please help if you've experienced the same thing or have any solutions. Thank you so much.

 You should probably save your project online and raise a ticket to tell customer support the name of it.

If you open a file that is giving you problems, save it with a DIFFERENT file name. That way if the file contains problems or is corrupt, you will not be overwriting your original file.

One possibility is that the last image you added was too big or problematic in some other way. Possibly multiple images or the project layout is contributing the the problem.Try deleting just that most recent image and saving the project with a new name. See if that allows you to open and publish the remaining portion of your project. If customer support takes a look at your project, they may be able to suggest ways you can improve your project to avoid future problems and finish it successfully.

Or you can save it as a .scribe file and attach it here if you want other users to look at it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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