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VideoScribe on macOS 11 BigSur

Please hold tight on becoming an early adopter of Apple’s OS beta release. We don’t support beta OS versions and you can find out more here: system requirements for VideoScribe.

Our product team is working hard to make sure VideoScribe is compatible for Big Sur, but until then, VideoScribe won’t run on macOS 11.

We’ll keep this forum updated with our progress and updates. As soon as our fully tested and optimized version of VideoScribe for macOS 11 is available, we’ll let you know.

If you have any questions about this please raise a ticket with our friendly support team.

With the expected date for the general release of Big Sur fast approaching we bring you some positive news! Yesterday we released an update to VideoScribe (v3.6.1169) which has passed its first round of full testing on Big Sur with only one minor issue (copy and paste is not working).

We have contacted customers that we know are already using Apple’s beta release of Big Sur to ask them to try out the new version of VideoScribe while we continue to test and work on any found issues.

We still do not recommend upgrading to Big Sur until we have completed further testing and had feedback from customer testing. If you have already upgraded or feel that the lure of the new OS outweighs the risk of any potential issues with VideoScribe then you proceed at your own risk.

An update for you… Detailed testing on VideoScribe v3.6.1169 is now completed and a massive thanks to all the customers that are already using macOS 11 BigSur for their help and input.

A small number of issues have been uncovered that will need to be addressed before we can give the green light and add this to our supported operating systems. Resolving these is very much a priority for us and we’re hopeful it will not be too much longer. 

Until then, our advice remains that we do not recommend upgrading to Big Sur. If you have already upgraded or feel that the lure of the new OS outweighs the risk of issues with VideoScribe, then you proceed at your own risk. 

If you do encounter any issues please let us know, our support team will do their best to help you work around them in the meantime.

Hey there Mac customers! We have released an update today (v3.7.3622) and this includes a fix for the two most reported Big Sur bugs (saving scribes and publishing videos to your computer). We still have a few more bugs to squash before we are ready to open the gates to full support, but this represents a big step forward. 

Until full support is available we don’t recommend upgrading to Big Sur. If you do, then you proceed at your own risk (although our friendly support team will always do what they can to help). 

If ‘risk’ is your middle name and you have proceeded...

  • Customers using v3.6 (or below) of VideoScribe on Big Sur are likely to incur issues migrating scribes to the new save system in v3.7 so do not install this update.

  • Customers using v3.7 of VideoScribe on Big Sur will see improvements in this upgrade... visit to get your hands on it.

v3.8 of VideoScribe has arrived and with it, we now fully support macOS 11 customers! You can get your hands on this update by visiting, and for full instructions on installing our software please see the Download and install VideoScribe – Mac page on The Support Hub.

We really appreciate your patience and input which has helped us work our way through the changes and get to this point. 

Want to try before you buy? Please get in touch, we’d be more than happy to give you another free-trial so that you can buy with confidence. 

Thanks again!
Customer Success Manager | Sparkol

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