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Project saving from trial to pro

I have created a project, in trial version. But now I can not login with my account as it says "You need a Sparkol PRO account to use VideoScribe. You can only take advantage of the trial once." I am going  to purchase the pro version now, would my project be remained save, and can I export it without watermark of the software in pro version?

After you subscribe you will be able to login and access any projects you have saved locally on the same computer, or online.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

i was using video scribe trail service but i was saved lot of my work on my account but i forgot to export the the trail was expired what will i do now?.can you help to just export those file it was very important for me i kindly requesting to give me a access to my accout for atleast 1 hour.its will be very helpfull for me it save my life

As Mike said above, you would need to purchase a subscription to access the account after the trial ends -

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