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Video renders black with audio

Hi there, 

I have twice tried to render a video, only for it to come out totally black albeit with audio. 

I have literally no idea what is causing this to happen, but it has now been over six hours of trying to get this to work. Has anyone else had this problem? 



I should add, this video has already been rendered once - successfully. But there was an error in it that needs to be fixed. I have made changes to the scribe and tried to render it again (with a different file name) but it keeps coming out black. 

Customer support does not work weekends.

try playing the video with a different video player.

Try rebooting and rendering again.

Try publishing a different video format.

If you continue to have problems, save your project online and raise a ticket.

If you have a saved copy of the old file as well as the new file, keep both. Make a backup copy like a .scribe file just in case there is some kind of corruption problem.

Attach a .scribe file here if you want other users to look at it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thanks Mike - you rock. 

Third time was a charm - I saved the file again. It showed up black but I rebooted Quicktime and it played fine. So I am thinking the problem may be with Quicktime and rebooting works. 

Appreciate your help. Have a great Sunday. 

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