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New Font import

Hello, I would like to use the font "chalkduster" to write on a chalkboard.

Unfortunately I can't find a way to import the font into V3.6.8


Please help

 Support says only older versions support font import.

New version only allows the supported google fonts.

either request the font in the requests forum or install the older version.

This update to using only Google fonts was a horrible decision! Getting stuck with Google fonts limits users, haven't you thought about who produces for companies? The visual identity is very important and many companies have their own fonts, not to mention that being stuck with Google fonts is limiting the creation possibilities, there are many excellent fonts outside of Google. I don't understand this improvement that only limited VideoScribe, that is, it wasn't an improvement. I'm sure anyone who inquired about font issues didn't intend to limit their font options to just using Google's. It was an unfortunate Sparkol decision! I hope you will review and re-enable the option to use whatever fonts we want.


Here's a copy of some info from the What fonts and languages would you like to see? forum which explains the reasons we changed in more detail.

We made the change because kerning, language support and font quality were some of the biggest requests we had. 

  • Kerning was the 3rd biggest unimplemented feature request at the time. 
  • Arabic RTL and cursive was the 4th biggest
  • Hindi was the 6th

So this change implemented 3 of the top 10 things customers were asking for and a lot of other smaller things as well.

Below is a screenshot of VideoScribe, to make this project I have:

  1. Created this project in v3.5.2 and added the top line of text using Londrina Solid. 
  2. I have then opened the same project with v3.8 and added the second line of text using the new font system, and the same font
  3. I have rezised the elements manually to make them as close to the same size as I can.

(right click, open image in new tab to see image at full size to see the real difference)

Even at this level of zoom the quality difference is massive. The bottom line is very sharp where as the top layer looks blurred. Also the kerning is off in the top example, you can see the space between the n and a in Londrina is too big, as is the space between S and T in TEST.

If you have a smaller line of text and want to fill the screen with that (so the text is bigger) the quality difference becomes even larger. If you just wanted the v3.x TEST on the screen you can see the difference below

(right click, open image in new tab to see image at full size to see the real difference)

This is an improvement for everyone, if you add to that the millions of people who speak Hindi, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese & Korean then there is a lot of good to come from this change. 

We would have loved to have found a way to import any font automatically at this quality level but there are too many variables so they need to be manually checked and tweaked each time and we still firmly believe choosing quality of output and quantity of languages is more important that supporting every font ever. 

I have attached the scribe file for these screenshots below so you can download it and take a look for yourself if you'd like (must be using at least v3.8 of VideoScribe).

For anyone desperate for a non-supported fonts there are 2 options.

  1. If you have the font in an existing project you can follow the steps on our Historic fonts in VideoScribe help page
  2. The steps suggested Write in unsupported languages help page will allow you to create text that draws in any font, it's just more labour intensive.

I absolutely  agree with Cassio Macedo Loredo. What i produce for my company is a series of films, that use a corporate font. 

When i now open my scribes in which i used my own fonts, they are automativcly replaced by a different font, so the sugested workaround (historic fonts) doesnt work at all. Can you please fix that! Thanks.

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