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Not saving? Help!

For the last few hours Videoscribe has stopped saving. If I click the save button, I get the dialog box but when I hit the checkmark nothing happens. Nothing.  It doesn't even say wha I'm doing wrong. I've tried closing the program, restarting my computer... just no response. 

I'm desperate to get my lectures done but the help team is on vacation for three days. I had no idea the program was this clunky and unreliable. If anyone is or has experienced the same, I would be really grateful for your assistance. 


I google searched and found this suggestion:

"This issue can sometimes be caused when there is a problem with the soundtrack on the scribe. If you remove the soundtrack you should be able to save the scribe. Once you have saved it, try adding the soundtrack again and the scribe should save normally."

if you can't save online, there might be a problem with your internet connection. If you can't save locally, your hard disk might be running out of free space, or if you are using a work computer there could be a permissions problem preventing you from saving work to a particular location.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Yes - that seems to have fixed the problem. Although it would be great if VideoScribe could fix this problem. It is heart-attack inducing! Very grateful!

So just to update this, if I save a file, and then try to render it into a .MOV file, the .MOV file will not save the sound. So I have to take the sound off, put the sound back on again, and THEN try to render the file and pray to the internet gods it works.  It works about 30% of the time. 

I'm just wasting hours here hoping I'll have course lecture videos. 

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