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Should it take 8+ hours for a video to render on

Anyone else having this happen?  The first couple of videos took about 20 minutes, which is fine.  Then I made a few very minor changes and the rendering time is now going on 3-8 hours.  Is it an issue with the queue on their servers?

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I don't think you have provided enough information to determine a cause for the delay. It could be a backlog on the servers, or a server stopped working, or a problem with someone else's project has locked up the server, or there's a problem with your project...or maybe something else...

Try rendering it locally or to vimeo or whatever other options are currently available.

If you think your project could be fine tuned to solve the problem, attach a .scribe file here if you want other users to look at it, or save your project online and raise a ticket to consult customer support.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Not sure what other information to provide.  The video takes about 15 minutes to render locally on my PC.  It is about 90 seconds long.  It just won't seem to render online for  No error messages; just always showing "publishing."

Wow.  25 hours later, my 90 second long video has been rendered and published on  Here is the link in case anyone has feedback to offer as to why it may have taken so long.

 There's probably a long queue on the shoco servers or someone has logjammed the servers with a bad project.

I don't know how many servers they have or how the queues are organized. If you try publishing it again, maybe it will be redirected to a working server.

Yeah, I struggle with the same issues. Normally it takes 20-30 minutes for a 2 minutes scribe to render online (which is still too long), but from time to time rendering on shoco server could take 10-15-20 hours. It must be solved! 

 Yes about 15- 30 minutes is probably about right for a 2 minute scribe to render at highest resolution (and yes that I think everyone wants that to be faster).

If anything takes longer than that, then either there might be a problem on (like a queue due to someone else's scribe locking up the servers) or else there is something in your scribe causing a slowdown.  Attach the .scribe file here or save the project online and raise a ticket if you want customer support to help.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thx Mike, I think it must be a problem with Shoco server, because on my PC it takes about 20 minutes, but it has been rendering for 17  hours :-(((


Hi David- sorry you had issues!

There was a technical problem with the service which has now been resolved. If you are still waiting for a project published from yesterday morning it is likely that request has failed, please try it again now that the service is back to full capacity.

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