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import font

i have dowloaded a font to my laptop, and  i want to use in my videoscribe, i use mac ios, anybody help me how to import font from laptop to videoscibe 

You cannot import a new font into the latest version of VideoScribe.

If you have any Google font suggestions you would like to see in VideoScribe, add them to the forum post- What languages and fonts would you like to see? 

 In addition to the information Hayley provided,

You could uninstall the new version and install an older version of videoscribe (before version 3.6) if you want to import fonts, but

1) you will lose access to the features of the newer version:

2) older versions of videoscribe cannot open projects that were created or edited in videoscribe 3.6 or later.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


With this new version and the impossibility to import new font, it

give me no way to go on a huge project i'm working on !!!!!

I will lose a lot of time !

I'm really angry with you sparkol.

Based on what I have read, I think you have some options:

option 1) As mentioned above, you can revert to an older version of videoscribe if you want to import your own fonts.

option 2) if you use a older version of videoscribe to create your project, and import your font, then you can open the project in the new videoscribe and the font will still be available in that project (I think)

option 3) if you already have an older project with that font in it, you can make a copy of that project with a new file name, and open the new copy in the new version of videoscribe and delete everything except the text element with the font you want to use. Then you can edit that text element and copy-paste it to add more text elements.

Additionally, I think there is a thread in the requests forum where you can request that they add the font you want to use.And there is probably also a thread asking sparkol  to allow font imports in the next version of videoscribe. you can "like" the thread to show sparkol that it is an important feature.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Just upgraded to v 3.6 and I totally agree with Geoffroy It is frustrating and time-consuming. I'm going to revert back. I'm so angry

I have the same problem. I need help to download v3.5. It is not in the download page.

Using v3.8 now, not able to use a font is super annoying. Please help.

I think you are right that version3.5 is no longer available on the download page. If you previously had it installed on your computer, you may be able to find the old installation file on your hard drive and reinstall it.

Otherwise you may want to raise a ticket to ask customer support if they can provide a link to download the older version.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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