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How do I adjust audio fade-in and fade-out?

How do I cancel audio fade-in and fade-out?

I can't hear the beginning of my voiceover.

To prevent fade out, add longer animation or pause time to the final element so that the video length is at least  a few seconds longer than the audio length.

I don't think there is any audio fade-in, but I am using a previous version of videoscribe, so maybe it is a new feature that has been added. Or maybe your audio recording is just quiet at the beginning. YOu could try re-recording your voiceover with an audio editing program, to correct the problem.

If your voiceover is an mp3, you could try listening to to it in a media player compared to the way it sounds in videoscribe, to determine if there is a difference.

If anyone else knows something about audio fade-in in videoscribe, hopefully they will reply here.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

i don't know why such one do that effect!!!!, if i want it,  i will do it with external software , all the people have Videoscribe have such an audio software, what the hell  with that ***** way of thinking. just cancel it, it is also problematic when uploading shorts. 

Hey Khaled, If you would like to makr your voice heard when it comes to more audio editing options then I would recommend commenting and voting (like the original post) on this feature request forum around audio editing.

Also, please do not swear on our public forums, I have removed that language from your previous post.

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