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Rendering with problem

I've had an issue with videoscribe working with I have submitted a video to be rendered about 20 hours ago and it still hasn't come back yet. This video is for a deadline so would appreciate support. I have raised a ticket with no response. Any ideas welcome.

 for the ticket you raised, be sure you saved you project online and told them the name so they can look at it. If you export it as a.scribe file and attach it here you might get help from videoscribe users too.

There are more threads about publishing videos if you need more suggestions.


I can't render my videos.

I've been trying for days.

Help me!

Please raise a support ticket and provide as much detail as possible (i.e file format you're rendering to, what happens during the render)

Upload your scribe to the cloud and include the name of your scribe. 

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