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Error in log in this videoscribe

I am not able to log in this videoscribe by selecting (Remember Me) is there anyone please log in to my software .  I can log into my sparkol account on google but why am i not able to log in my videoscribe application downloaded.


I am  not able to log in sparkol software. USER id & password is right still. please see below screen shot.


1. Go to the [Start menu] 2. Type [Internet Options] 3. Go to [advance settings] 4. Scroll down below 5. Check mark the options given as [Use SSL 2.0] [Use SSL 3.0] [Use TLS 1.0] [Use TLS 1.1] [Use TLS 1.2] 6. Then click on [Apply] and then [Ok] 7. And then click on your application by internet connection [On] 8. Log in and remember me clicked. 9. Thank You

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