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Problems in last version 3.6 to export to video file

All the process is normal, but at the end is not finished and the file is not saved. No MOV, no Avi, ...

The bar is of progress is completed and we can wait for 1 hour and nothing...

Is not a problem of the files, we tested with different files, and it is not a problem of windows or IOs. We used both and the same problem appears...

 Are you trying to publish a video with a period (full stop) in the filename? That might cause a failure to save (according to another thread that I read).

Otherwise you could attach your .scribe file here or save your project online and raise a support ticket.

Attached the file that we cannot export to .MOV ...

This file was created in previous versions and updated in the new version.

Try changing the file save location when rendering

Also try rendering to 

@Cesar- here is a link to the rendered project.

If you reply when you've downloaded it, I can delete it from the comments. 

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