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I have created a scribe and can create the video to Vimeo, download, and Powerpoint. But, the GetShareLink to use does not work on my laptop - but does on my desktop. The popup to prompt for for size and Public ect. does not show. I realize it must be something with my laptop configuration and have turned off the virus scanner/tool just in case.

Any ideas where I can look to determine what might be preventing the feature to work?


 If you are referring to problems on the website, perhaps you should try a different web browser or different browser settings.

No, I am referring to the download or publish scribe feature. The button that says "Get Share Link". I have now tested this on two computers from the Video Scribe application. Occasionally it does work after a short lag - other times it does not work at all. ( Two different computers )

Uninstall and reinstall VideoScribe
Raise a ticket with the support team for further help 

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