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scribe files

We installed Windows 10 and much of my software needed to be reinstalled as a result.  VideoScribe being one.  Now I can't find my old scribes.  And I can not determine the default path for where they are saved.  Even with the new scribe, I saved a scribe with "Unique Name" and while I can see when Video Scribe is open, I can't find it anywhere else.  So, where is the default location where scribes are saved.  And what is the file type?

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(The files are in a format that is not intended to be accessed in any other way than from inside videoscribe.)

I believe that normally they are located in the Videoscribedesktop folder in the appdata folder. (This location may or may not have been changed in the newest version of videoscribe.)

If you upgraded to windows 10, possibly many files have been moved to a backup folder with a name like windows.old or some other folder name. If your appdata folder was moved to a backup location, that's probably where you would find the old videoscribedesktop folder and you could copy its contents to the new videoscribedesktop folder .

WARNINGS: if you copy the old videoscribe desktop folder onto the new one, you will probably overwrite/erase any new files that exist there. You should save any current projects to the cloud for safety before manipulating any of the program files.

Also you should probably raise a ticket and consult customer support before attempting to modify any computer files. Also if you are not familiar with computers and windows, use caution making any changes to your computer. Proceed at your own risk. The information above is based only on my own recollection and experiences.

Hope that helps,

Mike (videoscribe user)

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