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v3.6 upgrade & broken link to Local Store

Hi - I upgrade to v3.6 today.  Now I cannot access any of my files from my local drive.  Fortunately I save everything to BOTH the online store and local store.  I still have the Local Store file in my Mac Library / Application Support. Does anyone know how to re-link so I can see my Local Store files when I open VideoScribe?

Also, I have a "filename.scribe" file which won't open.  Any suggestions on how I can open a "filename.scribe" file please?



 You should probably raise a ticket to contact customer support. if your local files are not showing up.

Be sure to tell them if you used any kind of software to uninstall the old version or if you ran any disk cleanup software that might have flagged and removed your old files.

With any program, its smart to have a backup copy of your data, so good job thinking of that.

You open a .scribe file by importing it into videoscribe:

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thanks Mike - I've raised a ticket with customer support. As you say, I'm glad I have a backup.  I just need to find a way of reconnecting to my backup.  Thanks for the help on opening the .scribe file.

Much appreciated.


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