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What languages and fonts would you like to see?

With the arrival of v3.6 of VideoScribe, we have a whole new text and font system with more supported languages than ever before and inbuilt Google fonts... Find out more about this here.

This is just the start and we are keen to add to the range of fonts and languages available. We would love input on this from Scribers all over the world so please comment below with your suggestions and the more detail you can provide on why the font or language you need would be useful, the better! If you can include a link to the font from as well that will make sure there is no confusion

Over to you... 

Edit 21/10/2020...

There have been a few common questions on this post so I thought I would add some FAQs to the initial post for all to see.

Why can't you add your own fonts anymore? 
There were a number of issues with fonts in v2-v3.5 which customers had been wanting to see improvements too for quite a while. The main ones were:
• Support More languages (we've added Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Japanese & Korean so far)
• Quality of the text (imported fonts were not HD and could be very fuzzy when zoomed in)
• Kerning issues
• Some fonts with longer tails on y's and j's would get cut off and look poor
To fix all these issues we had to add some boundaries to the fonts we were going to deal with in order to be able truly test each font and know that what you see is what you get when it comes to all those factors. This why we switched to GoogleFonts and why the initial deployment had 60 of their fonts available, there are plans to add more Google fonts and more languages over time. I understand some customers will not like this change but this is very much about providing a top quality finished video and a huge step forward in that regard.

What fonts support my language? 
We have a handy help page which shows all the fonts and which languages - Supported languages and fonts and this will be updated as and when new fonts/languages are added. We also have a blog post on the inital 60 fonts that shows examples of the options for the new languages - Choosing the best fonts for our supported languages

If a new language or font is requested, how long does it take to get it? 
The purpose of this forum is to help us gauge which languages and fonts will be popular. We have our own data on this such as where our customers are from or looking through the Google options to see styles that are not represented well in the original 60. So requesting a font or language here does not mean it will be in VideoScribe, it just means we will consider it when we are deciding what to add next. As the answer to the first FAQ here shows adding a new font, and especially a new language take a fair bit of time, effort and testing so you are not going to see these turned around quickly. We will be looking to add more and more over time but these are likely to be in small batches periodically instead of a regular steady stream. 

How can I increase the chances of my request being chosen? 
Details! If you just provide a font name we'll still consider it but understanding why you would like it will allow us to see the request through your eyes a lot more and fully understand your need and if it can apply to other people too. 

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Dear Sparkol Team,

please consider adding some nice fonts that work well in all caps and still look like they've been handwritten.

Here's my suggestion, though it'd be wonderful to have this or similar in various thicknesses.

Thank you,


Any chance of getting any of these from the link?

Hi everyone!

We're excited to say that we've been doing some testing to improve Arabic text. 

We're looking for a small group of beta testers who are native speakers to put the new version to the test. 

You'll need to be a Pro user and will be asked to provide us feedback so we can ensure that it works well when we release it to the VideoScribe community. 

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, send an email to telling us why you'd like to be involved and we'll get in touch with a few lucky people! 

Thanks so much and we look forward to hearing from you!

(Ps. We're working on Hindi text updates too- so that will come shortly!) 

Get Me 方正楷体 Simplified Chinese Please!

Is free for commercial use.

Only requests for Google fonts/languages can be considered.

Dear team, Please do consider adding Shadows Into Light Two, it’s one of the GoogleFonts. I have seen few scribes with this font and it made those scribes attractive.

Hi Team,

I am not sure why this font, Sue Ellen Francisco, is not part of video scribe... Everyone I met using videoscribe thinks it's one of the best of white board animation videos. Sue Ellen FranciscoSue Ellen Francisco

Hi again! 

I'm back to say that we've now made some improvements to our Hindi text and we're looking at getting some beta testers on board to try it out.

We're looking for a small group of beta testers who are native speakers to put the new version to the test. 

You'll be asked to provide us feedback so we can make sure that it works well when we release it! 

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, send an email to

We are also still looking for testers to try out Arabic text too- so if you're a native speaker and want to get involved, please do get in touch.


Please let us add our own fonts. There are so many fonts which I want to take it from TV Shows, Movies and many more. 

@Aditya Tiwari - Please see the FAQs in the original forum posts for details on why we are not going to support other fonts

Hey Everyone, I thought it might be nice to illustrate the difference in quality between what we had, and the change in v3.6 to Google Fonts. 

Below is a screenshot of VideoScribe, to make this project I have:

  1. Created this project in v3.5.2 and added the top line of text using Londrina Solid. 
  2. I have then opened the same project with the newest version of VideoScribe (v3.8.500) and added the second line of text using the new font system, and the same font
  3. I have rezised the elements manually to make them as close to the same size as I can.

(right click, open image in new tab to see image at full size)

Even at this level of zoom the quality difference is massive. The bottom line is very sharp where as the top layer looks blurred. Also the kerning is off in the top example, you can see the space betweek the n and a in Londrina is too big, as is the space between S and T in TEST.

If you have a smaller line of text and want to fill the screen with that (so the text is bigger) the quality difference becomes even larger. If you just wanted the v3.6 TEST on the screen you can see the difference below

(right click, open image in new tab to see image at full size)

This is an improvement for everyone, if you add to that the millions of people who speak Arabic, Chinese, Japanese & Korean (and soon to add Hindi) then there is a lot of good to come from this change. 

We would have loved to have found a way to import any font automatically at this quality level but there are too many variables so they need to be manually checked and tweaked each time and we still firmly believe choosing quality of output and quantity of languages is more important that supporting every font ever. 

I have attached the scribe file for these screenshots below so you can download it and take a look for yourself if you'd like (must be using at least v3.8.500 of VideoScribe).

Hi there, 

please consider adding Fira Sans (Fira Sans - Google Fonts). 



I had an older version of Videoscribe and recent updated to the v3.8.

I was using the Videoscribe BASIC font, Indieflower, Lindsey Pro Regular and Freestyle Script. 

Is it possible to use these fonts on the new version?

I really want to keep my videos streamlined within a particular brand.



We have a help page that covers the use of historic fonts -

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