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What languages and fonts would you like to see?

With the arrival of v3.6 of VideoScribe, we have a whole new text and font system with more supported languages than ever before and inbuilt Google fonts... Find out more about this here.

This is just the start and we are keen to add to the range of fonts and languages available. We would love input on this from Scribers all over the world so please comment below with your suggestions and the more detail you can provide on why the font or language you need would be useful, the better! If you can include a link to the font from as well that will make sure there is no confusion

Over to you... 

Edit 21/10/2020...

There have been a few common questions on this post so I thought I would add some FAQs to the initial post for all to see.

Why can't you add your own fonts anymore? 
There were a number of issues with fonts in v2-v3.5 which customers had been wanting to see improvements too for quite a while. The main ones were:
• Support More languages (we've added Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Japanese & Korean so far)
• Quality of the text (imported fonts were not HD and could be very fuzzy when zoomed in)
• Kerning issues
• Some fonts with longer tails on y's and j's would get cut off and look poor
To fix all these issues we had to add some boundaries to the fonts we were going to deal with in order to be able truly test each font and know that what you see is what you get when it comes to all those factors. This why we switched to GoogleFonts and why the initial deployment had 60 of their fonts available, there are plans to add more Google fonts and more languages over time. I understand some customers will not like this change but this is very much about providing a top quality finished video and a huge step forward in that regard.

What fonts support my language? 
We have a handy help page which shows all the fonts and which languages - Supported languages and fonts and this will be updated as and when new fonts/languages are added. We also have a blog post on the inital 60 fonts that shows examples of the options for the new languages - Choosing the best fonts for our supported languages

If a new language or font is requested, how long does it take to get it? 
The purpose of this forum is to help us gauge which languages and fonts will be popular. We have our own data on this such as where our customers are from or looking through the Google options to see styles that are not represented well in the original 60. So requesting a font or language here does not mean it will be in VideoScribe, it just means we will consider it when we are deciding what to add next. As the answer to the first FAQ here shows adding a new font, and especially a new language take a fair bit of time, effort and testing so you are not going to see these turned around quickly. We will be looking to add more and more over time but these are likely to be in small batches periodically instead of a regular steady stream. 

How can I increase the chances of my request being chosen? 
Details! If you just provide a font name we'll still consider it but understanding why you would like it will allow us to see the request through your eyes a lot more and fully understand your need and if it can apply to other people too. 

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 Can you please add Permanent Marker and Bangers ?

Many thanks in advance.

Gostaria que a língua portuguesa do BRASIL fosse adicionada.


Please add Bangla fonts

Would you be possible to add Myanmar Traditional at you earliest possible?

Thanks in advance

Aung Than


I like Vidoscribe very much.

But as soon as I have to use umlauts in German language I am asking me if you coud add German language into the core program.

Thank you considering this.

Please add tamil language font ASAP....


More handwriting fonts please such as:

- Dancing Script

- Permanent marker

- Homemade apple

- Gochi hand

- Pangolin

- Sue Ellen Francisco

- Julee

Thanks !

Thanks for the continued requests everyone. 

@Peter W. Schlatter regarding umlaut's in German. They are working for me and I have tried multiple Latin fonts using the characters - ä ö ü Ä Ö Ü 


Looking at your account you are using v3.5.2 of VideoScribe which is the old font system. You need to upgrade to v3.6 and use the new GoogleFont system to use these characters

English Eurostyle please!

 Hi, I am working on  hard and long projects for wich I am using "something looks natural".

It would be terrible for me to re create all those projects.

Please could you insert this font within a day ?

Many Many thanks

This forum is for requests that the dev team will consider when they do add new fonts- the development team will not add in fonts immediately upon request. 

If you're using the newest version, you can follow the steps in the Historic Font support article for using fonts imported in previous versions. 

You can also download the earlier version of VideoScribe under the previous versions section of the downloads page to import fonts. 

 Hi there,

Could you add the "Escolar1" font like the below one, please?


Your help is really appreciated.

Thank you

Hello I am Andrew from Myanmar. We would like to request Myanmar Unicode Fonts into Videoscribe and it would be awesome when we add our own language in Scribe.

Because they don't put the option to import the available google fonts in each language. It is annoying having to be limited to the fonts that only you want to put. If a new font is ordered, how long does it take to get it? Please enable the import of fonts available in google or those that are installed on the computer as they had in the previous version. The program should not deteriorate but be better and better. Thank you.

  1. Upload your BASIC font to Google and give to the world! Then add that
  2. Sriracha
  3. Patrick Hand
  4. Just Another Hand

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