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Where is the default file location?

I cant find my saved files. I know I saved them and I have also seen auto backups. But Now the files are not present in the front canvas. I used many hours on a file and now I cant find it :-) Hope you can help?

You can only see your locally saved files by logging into videoscribe on the same computer that you used to save the files. Are you on the same computer? Are ALL the files missing or just some of them?

You cannot see locally saved files by logging into the website instead of the program. Make sure you are actually looking at the program and not the website.

(There is never more than one auto backup file and it does not show up in the main directory. it can only be recovered after a crash when the program restarts and prompts your to restore a backup file.)

You have to close any open scribes to return to the main directory.

If you are viewing any other folder like the cloud folder or any subdirectories, you won't see files that are saved in the main directory.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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