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How do I add new pages to the Scrapbook Template?

I'm stuck with only 3 pages with this template. It promises, "Add as many pages as you want!" but there is no way of duplicating or even selecting the page element. Is there a work-around?

 attach the template or provide a link to the template if you want specific help.

Probably you just need to copy and past a new page element next to the previous ones....

-Mike (videoscribe user)

You'll need to ensure the image is unlocked, by clicking the lock button, so it shows it's unlocked, and then copy and paste the page element. 


I unlocked the page and hit copy.  Moved to where I want to paste the page and clicked paste.  Nothing is being added.  I really want to use this template, but can't if pages cannot be added. 

Thanks for your help. 


Hi Amy,

As far as I recall, when you paste it automatically pastes on top of the original page. So try to select it and move it. The old one will be underneath.

Nope, it's not there.  I'm not sure where it is pasting it or even if it is pasting it.   I saved a copy in Online Scribes.  Project is called IOA - can you access it and take a look?


I got it.  Not sure what happened.  System locked up and now it's working.

You're welcome, Amy. I don't work for Videoscribe. I just posted the original question. I had so many issues with the software, which cost me in both time and money, that in the end I just stopped using it.

I feel your pain.  There is a large learning curve on this product.  I even signed up for classes. The camera positioning all gets me.  

Have a great day!

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