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"already logged in...."

Due to massive errors "Trying to reestablish connection..." and lost work (could not save) - I had to reboot PC - to close VideoScribe,

Now I get the message "Already logged in on...." I seems that shooting down Videoscribe is not seen from your serverside. Could you consider adding a function where we can log into our account and reset it our-self ??

First I loose hours of work, and now I can get into it,,,somewhat frustrating...

Has anybody a solution ??

(And yes, I have already made a ticket.)

Same here and I have a deadline tomorrow morning. :(

We have no immediate plans to add a feature like this but if you want to make a formal request for one you can do that via the account ideas and feature request forum

Logging a support ticket is the right thing to do though we can manually log you out and if it's urgent call us - Contact Support

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